When Baby's Home - Expectant Parents Program for Rowan County, NC residents
Designed specially for first-time parents to be better prepared for the challenges of caring for baby in the first year of life. 

In 3 classes lasting 2 hours each, 1x/week for 3 weeks, or in 6 one-hour sessions 
learn research-based ways to:

   * Soothe a crying infant
   * Help baby develop patience and self-control
   * Feed, bathe, dress, and hold baby
   * Help baby learn language
   * Keep baby safe, know when to call the doctor
   * Care for yourself and your relationship

Classes may be scheduled for individuals or for
groups, at a day and time convenient for you.

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Sessions are held on demand throughout the year.

"One thing I liked about class was all the baby skills they provided me with and now I feel prepared."


Learn how to interpret your baby's cues (faces, cries)

Zero to Three website

Harvard's Center on the Developing Child

Mother Holding Baby's Hand