Baby's Home Now - Parenting in Baby's First Year,

free for Rowan County, NC men and women.

In 6 classes lasting 1-1.5 hrs each, held 2x/week for 3 weeks or 1x/week for 6 weeks

you and your partner or co-parent will learn
research-based information about:

* What babies understand (and what they don’t)
* Positive discipline skills
* Caring for yourself and your relationship
* How to keep from “spoiling” a baby
* Managing sleep problems, developing routines
* Teaching through the everyday and play


"Very progressive and updated. The instructor explained and answered all of my questions."

Classes may be scheduled for groups or for couples or individuals 

at a day and time convenient for you, on demand throughout the year.

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RESOURCES (click where highlighted to go to each):

  ACTIVITIES:    From Birth to 18 Months, to strengthen 5 core skills

                             From Harvard Center on the Developing Child

                             From Zero to Three

Feeding Guide for Infants

Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Period of PURPLE crying and what to do about it

Childcare Options for Infants

Smart Start Rowan offers:

Free book-a-month delivered to your home until baby is 5yrs old; 

Lending Library for Toys, $10/year

Play Groups for Caregivers & Children to 5 yrs old, free