Baby's Home Now - Parenting in Baby's First Year,

free for Rowan County, NC men and women.

In 6 modules, once a week for 6 weeks,

you and your partner or co-parent (if applicable) will learn
research-based information about:

* Positive discipline skills, calming an infant (1.5hrs)

* Teaching through the everyday and play (1.5hrs)
* Physical care of an infant; sleep & feeding needs (1hr)
* Safety, at home & away (1hr)
* Common illnesses, when to call the doctor (1hr)
* Caring for yourself & relationships (1hr)


You'll come away with a deeper understanding of your baby's development,

ways to help them get a good start toward reaching their potential,

knowledge of what actually "spoils" a child, and the confidence that research backs up

the parenting strategies you'll be using. 

What participants say:

"Very progressive and updated. The instructor explained and answered all of my questions."

Classes may be scheduled for groups or for couples or individuals 

at a day and time convenient for you, on demand throughout the year.

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RESOURCES (click where highlighted to go to each):

  ACTIVITIES to Do:    From Birth to 18 Months, to strengthen 5 core skills

                                    From Harvard Center on the Developing Child

                                    From Zero to Three

Feeding Guide for Infants

Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Period of PURPLE crying and what to do about it

Childcare Options for Infants

Smart Start Rowan offers:

  • Free book-a-month, delivered to your home until baby is 5yrs old; 

  • Lending Library for Toys, $10/year

  • Play Groups for Caregivers & Children to 5 yrs old, free

Listening to baby's lungs