Separating? Divorcing? Already Split?

Regardless of the circumstances, children often struggle when their parents separate. But there are ways to help you, and your ex-partner, keep your focus on the children's needs. Click here to email for more information or to sign up for free support.

Since child behaviors often get worse during these difficult times, this 5-week Family Transitions course is often followed by support with either a specific child behavior or two, or with a group class for all of the child behavior management strategies Triple P offers.

NOTE: An initial meeting (by phone or Zoom videoconference) is required.

Ex-partners can, but do not need to, be in the same class together.

In 5 classes lasting 2 hrs each, 1/week for 5 weeks, get help with:

1. Avoiding common "parent traps"

2. & 3. Learning effective coping and anger management strategies

4. Handling difficult conversations about the kids with your ex

5. Caring for yourself as a single parent

All classes and materials are provided at No Charge for any Rowan County, NC resident.