Separating? Divorcing? Already Split?

Regardless of the circumstances, children may struggle when their parents separate.

But there are ways to help you, and your ex-partner, keep your focus on the children's needs.

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Since child behaviors often get worse during these difficult times, this 5-week Family Transitions course

is followed by support with either a specific child behavior or two, or with a group class for all of the child

behavior management strategies that Triple P offers.

NOTE: An initial meeting (by phone or Zoom videoconference) is required.

Ex-partners can, but do not need to, be in the same class together.


In 5 classes lasting 2 hrs each, 1/week for 5 weeks, get support for:

Class 1. Avoiding common "parent traps"

Classes 2. & 3. Effective coping and anger management strategies

Class 4. Handling difficult conversations about the kids with your ex

Class 5. Caring for yourself, your best life as a single parent

All classes and materials are provided at No Charge for any Rowan County, NC resident thanks, in part,

to support from Rowan County.